MEK Magnet

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Jeep Magnet Body Armor

MEK Magnet Vehicle Armor is a high performance heavy duty magnet panel engineered to provide superior side-body protection against whatever the trail throws your way. Magnetic Armor takes minutes to install and stays put through adverse weather, rough trails and even hand car washes.

There has never been an easier way to style your vehicle and provide tough and dependable protection. Each Magnetic Armor kit comes with durable magnetic panels to attach to your vehicle’s front and rear fenders, doors and door seams.

We offer several very popular designs – The Woody, The Patriot, Neon Zebs, The Rockies, Winter Camo, Black Flag and The Rusty or upload your own image for endless customization possibilities. Upload images of your logo and website to turn your vehicle into a mobile marketing billboard. Change the look of your magnets with the seasons, upload a fun pattern or personal picture. Your vehicle is an extension of you, put your mark on it!

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