MEK Magnet Frequently Asked Questions!

How does the Armor stick to aluminum doors? Great question! Our new Armor line for JLs, JTs, Trucks and Renegades has a custom formulated gel membrane applied to the Armor to stick to the vehicle aluminum and all.

How do I store my Armor? For all Armor its best to store flat until the next use. For gel-back Armor, ensure the clear plastic backing provided is applied to the gel to keep it fresh and prevent dirt for sticking to it. Gel-back Armor can stick to both sides of the protective plastic. Storage ideas include stacked on a large piece of cardboard under a raised bed or in between the wheel well floor section in the garage (just be careful not to drive over it) 

Can I drive on the highway with my Armor on? yes you can, the magnetic Armor is tested to 85mph and the gel-back Armor we have yet to hit a high enough speed to budge it. Just ensure your Armor is properly applied with no raised or over-lapping sections that could allow wind to get in between your Armor and vehicle.

Do you offer replacement parts? yes, for our top selling magnetic Armor we have a special replacement parts page where you can select your design and which panel you'd like. For custom Armor we can remake any additional piece you need.

My trail badge does not line up with the Armor cutout, what's up? Some special additions and 2017 JKs may have different or added badges that we do not account for. This is a simple fix to relocate the badge (it is usually adhered with double sided sticky tape) or make a cutout on the Armor to fit around your added badge. Do not drive with the Armor over a protruded badge that the Armor does not make a flush bond with your vehicle around.

Is there a warranty? Yes! we offer one year for fade and workmanship. We will exchange any Armor that does not meet this high standard of quality. We can only accept returns for Armor that has not been used or removed from the packaging.

What forms of payment are accepted? All major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Affirm monthly payments. Taxes and shipping may be extra depending on your area.

What shipping is available and can you ship worldwide? We ship internationally! we use USPS, UPS and DHL to safely and quickly get your Armor to your door. We offer ground and express shipping options which are based on your delivery zone with most in stock orders shipping within 24 hours and all custom, made to order and special orders shipping within 7 to 10 business days!