Installation & Care


Instruction Manuals are available for all Jeep Models & MEK Products Below

JKU 4 Door | JKU Half Door | JK 2 Door | JK 2 Half Door | TJ

  • Ensure all packing material and any loose magnet shavings are removed before Jeep Armor magnetic panel installation.
  • Ensure the application and magnetic surface is clean and dry before reapplication.
  • Temperatures outside of the specified range of -40 to 160 deg F could affect the magnetic panel’s strength. Installation in temperatures outside of this range is not recommended.
  • Remove panels from packaging and lay out allowing panels to fully flatten before application. If any Armor magnetic panel is shifted, misaligned or moved during use or installation, remove the entire panel and reposition to prevent scratching your vehicle’s surface.
  • Please note, Jeep limited edition models may have badges in different locations, the Trail Rated badge must be repositioned to fit the designed magnet panel cutout, any additional badges must be removed, repositioned or the Jeep Armor panel modified to fit around them ensuring a flush panel fit to the Jeep body without any lifted sections.



  • Remove Jeep Armor magnetic panels daily and after each use, especially after harsh weather or temperature exposure
  • Clean with gentle soap and water. Do not use harsh detergents or rough surface scrubbers. 
  • Allow both sides of the Jeep Armor's magnetic panels to air dry before reapplying to a clean and dry Jeep exterior
  • When not using, store in a clean, dry place avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Do not store in direct sunlight as damage or fading may result
  • Store Jeep Armor magnetic panels on a flat and level surface. Storing with insulation such as foam sheets between each set is recommended.



  • 1 year for fade and craftsmanship