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Magnetic Armor Tips & Tricks


Instruction Manuals are available for all vehicle Models & MEK Products Below

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  • IMPORTANT: The cleaner that the nano-hold technology Armor (gel-back) and paint surface is, the stronger the Armor adhesion will be.
  • Armor is designed for off-road trail protection, do not leave on for extended periods of time without regularly removing the Armor to clean it and the vehicle. A thin layer of dust and grime builds up from daily driving that may build-up under the Armor causing the panel to lift during higher speeds of travel.
  • Install (and store) only when clean and dry. To clean the gel-back side, rinse with water and gently rub off any debris with clean hands to maximize and preserve adhesion life. Allow to air dry before reinstallation or storage. Do not scrub gel-back with any material.
  • Gel-back Armor installation may take 1-2 hours and recommended before heading to the trails. Allow 24-48 hours for the gel-back Armor to properly bond BEFORE getting it wet. Magnet panel installation should take about 15-30 minutes and can be installed at the trail head.
  • Prep the vehicle surface by cleaning off any waxes and dirt. If you have any rain repelling, non-stick, anti-static or Teflon detailers on your vehicle these must be cleaned off for the gel-back Armor to properly bond. Recommend using diluted isopropyl alcohol with water. Wet one microfiber cloth in the mixture and gently wipe vehicle surface (no need to rub just let the chemical do its thing) and use a second dry microfiber cloth to wipe off the mixture before it dries. For ceramic coatings, use a test panel to try to bond the Armor after cleaning. Recommend ordering a MEK Magnet nano-hold technology logo to test adhesion ability prior to ordering the Armor as some ceramic coatings allow the Armor to bond but some will not. 
  • Handle with clean oil-free hands, avoid touching gel-back side as much as possible. Lightly hold gel-back Armor by edges.
  • Armor panels are best handled and installed at room temperature. Ensure vehicle is clean, dry, oil and wax free. Verify there is no dirt or debris on the magnet or sticky side of the Armor. Failure to remove all debris may result in damage to your vehicle or loss of panel.
  • Remove armor from packaging and unroll image side up. Fold and gently pinch at panel corner to peel the panel out. Handle by panel edges as much as possible. Note the corresponding vehicle section for each panel removed.
  • Hold the panel a few inches away over the corresponding section of vehicle and align vehicle features such as hinges, edges, and handles. Allow just the center of the panel to touch the vehicle to initiate adhesion or magnetic connection.
  • Press center of panel with a microfiber cloth and continue outward in a smooth fan motion in each direction to remove all air bubbles and creases to ensure proper bond all around. Secure adhesion by pressing all along edges and repeat until entire panel is locked down flat.
  • If any panel is misaligned, peel off evenly and slow. The adhesive is very strong so be especially careful pulling around thinner shapes. Avoid damaging corners, pulling in a tearing motion, or only holding one spot, and repeat installation steps again. Once all armor panels are installed, perform a final rub down with firm pressure using a microfiber cloth to complete the installation.
  • PLEASE NOTE. some aftermarket modifications or limited-edition vehicles may have larger fenders, modified gas caps, added badges or trail badges etc. in different locations than the Armor cut out. The armor can be modified to fit with a sharp knife or scissors, or badges can be removed or repositioned to fit designated cutout at your discretion. Failure to install the armor properly with a flush, uninterrupted bond may result in a lost or damaged panel.

    Armor is rated trail use only. Never adhere anything to the hood for higher speeds. Remove regularly to clean both Armor and vehicle, do not leave on for extended periods of time. Remove immediately after adverse weather and high humidity conditions. Never allow moisture to collect between the Armor and vehicle. Failure to do so may result in damage to vehicle or Armor.


    • Printed Armor side of panels should be wiped down regularly with microfiber cloth to ensure no dirt or dust has collected under any panel section and all edges are firmly pressed and well bonded to the vehicle.
    • Ensure moisture does not get between Armor panel and vehicle body. Adhesion only works when clean and dry. Remove immediately after adverse weather and high humidity conditions. Never allow moisture to collect between the Armor and vehicle. Failure to do so may result in damage to vehicle or Armor.
    • Armor panels can be repositioned, removed, and reused. When removing panels, ensure gel side of Armor is clean and dry and place sticky side back on the backing material included to prevent the glue from getting dirty or drying out. If gel side loses stickiness, rinse with water and allow to air dry to reactivate. Armor ca be reused up to 200 times if kept clean.
    • When not using Armor, store flat or loosely rolled, in a clean and dry location. Avoiding extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Do not fold or it may result in separation or damage to panel.
    • Armor is rated for the maximum temperature range of 15 degrees F to 180 degrees F temperatures. Avoid extreme weather, wet conditions, freezing or excess heat and direct sunlight. for extended periods of time. Handling Armor outside of its operating conditions could result in damage to Armor or vehicle. Recommend installation and removal at room temperature only.


    • 1 year for fade and craftsmanship. Replacement of individual panels available.