MEK Magnet PET Armor

Revolutionary new lightweight removable trail Armor for 2018+ Jeep JL Wrangler, 2020+ Jeep Gladiator and coming soon Jeep Renegade Doors!

MEK Magnet PET Armor is a new-age plastic resin backed with our custom formulated gel designed to protect your Jeep in the trails while giving you a look that's completely your own!

MEK Magnet PET's initial launch is a mind-blowing CLEAR Armor, yes! you read that right! Clear as in see thru! Available options are MEK's new America in Color, Halftone, Light Gradient and Black designs. Finish is matte where printed and shiny where clear allowing your Jeep to show thru and adding a multi-dimensional look to your rig! All clear options available as well if you just love the solid color look of your Jeep or you have a fancy wrap to protect.

MEK Magnet PET Armor is washable and reusable up to 200 times! simply rinse gel side with water and allow to air dry to reactivate. When installed correctly, MEK Magnet PET Armor is rated for all legal highway speeds. Recommend storing and installing MEK Magnet PET Armor in 65-75 degrees F temperature and use MEK Magnet PET Armor within temperatures ranging from 15-180 degrees F. Required maintenance is periodic removal and cleaning in normal dry conditions to clean off road scum, and refresh gel stickiness. Recommend immediate removal after wet and high humidity conditions to ensure no moisture is trapped between Jeep and Armor. Clean and dry both Jeep and Armor before reinstallation. Jeep can be washed with Armor on but check all areas to ensure water is not trapped between Jeep and Armor. To store, reapply the clear plastic the Armor came with to the gel side and store loosely rolled or flat. New MEK Magnet Armor storage and carry bag coming soon!

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